Mirapakay (Music review), Telugu – Thaman S

Adigora choodu is all glitzy packaging with little tune or flow, while Thaman gets everything right in Vaishali and Silaka, a couple of sophisticated kuthu numbers, as he hits all the catchy notes aptly! Geetha Madhuri and Karthik ace the beautiful, filmy melody in Gadi thalupulu, and despite the corny lyrics, Dhinaku dhin works solely because of Thaman’s tune that borders Harris Jeyaraj’s territory. With as many as 6 singers, Chirugaley is recycled Thaman material that doesn’t strike a chord, even as he ends the soundtrack with a nice and short title track. Thaman salvages the Ragada disappointment with Mirapakay.

Keywords: Ravi Teja, Thaman S, Mirapakay