Kaavalan (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

Vinnai kaappaan is a lot of noise, carefully included jingoism and just a poor tune. KK and Rita’s Pattambuchi sounds more like a Manisharma tune, a blunt and lame one, at that! Thankfully, Sada sada makes for a good listen – excellent vocals by Karthik and vintage Vidyasagar tune, particularly in the anupallavi! Benny and Megha’s Step it up is a stale latino wannabe and is a painful listen, while the composer redeems himself with Yaaradhu, a possibly Lalitha raaga based melody that sees Karthik in brilliant form! Two tuneful songs and surprisingly minimal self-referential jingoism…that’s Kavalan’s soundtrack for you!

Keywords: Kaavalan, Vijay, Asin, Kavalan, Vidyasagar