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I was very surprised when I got that mail…and subsequently, a call – from one of the leading music composers down South (no names – I got permission from him to quote our conversation and assured him that I will not reveal his identity!). He was reasonably offended that his songs did not top the […]

Thursday December 30, 2010 18:41

Siruthai (Music review), Tamil – Vidyasagar

If you ignore the short, middling and trite Thalaattu, the rest of the soundtrack is one extended item number! Keeravani’s hyper-catchy hook from the original’s College Papala makes only a fleeting appearance as the prelude to Naan romba; Vidyasagar’s new version is shockingly unimaginative. Chellam vada is no different – dreadfully derivative and outdated. Azhagha […]

Wednesday December 29, 2010 21:22

Kote (Music review), Kannada – Raghu Dixit

Jagave banna is appropriately, if not predictably kuthu’fied catchiness, while Nooru nooru koti, in Haricharan’s vocals and that mridangam base is a sweet listen! Minchinante works because of Raghu’s own vocals and a spunky tune, but Akanksha Badami’s Shringara lokada and Vijay Prakash’s Yaaradaru heli swalpa strangely enter Joshua Sridhar category – though Vijay makes […]

Wednesday December 29, 2010 19:30

What do you think?

Before I add it under any category in ItwoFS, let me not add ANY context and merely post this here. What do you think? Let me know…in the comments. Hat tip: Vaibhav Vishal

Keeravani’s Ninnu chudani plays on stereotypes, but manages to occasionally impress, thanks to that prominent accordion. Salim Sulaiman’s Premalekha Raasene rehashes their Hindi style, but sounds brilliant nevertheless – scintillating sound and a catchy tune! The duo’s short Yodha theme too is lovely. Mickey J Meyer’s Chandamamala is a fantastic combination of a simple, lullaby-like […]

Monday December 27, 2010 15:12

Payyans (Music review), Malayalam – Alphonse

Route mari seems like the anthem for Jayasurya’s new look in the film and is just passable, despite Benny Dayal’s desperate efforts at sounding cool. Doore vazhi is sung evocatively by Alphonse, but as a tune, it just goes all over the place. But Thennal chirakundo is a lovely, sonorous melody with fantastic orchestration topped […]

The title song is as dismaying as crossing that age limit, while My Kajra rides on a single, mildly interesting hook, leaving the rest of the song in tatters. Hamza’s Tinka tinka at least tries hard with its arsenal of ‘nahi jeena’ and ‘marjaana’s – it has a folksy earnestness that works. Prashant Pandey’s lively, […]

The intriguing start and the techno backgrounds of Ada da paves way to a standard anupallavi, only to shine again in the interludes. Yuvan’s off-key vocals continue to work well with his soulful tune in Yaar solli; musically too, it is brilliant! Karthikraja gets a conventional tune in Kaatuchedi, marked only by occasionally interesting orchestration, […]

Mohit Chauhan is the perfect fit for the breezy Abhi kuch dino se; Pritam’s buoyant guitar accompaniments work brilliantly! Beshuba continues the light, bouncy feel, though, tune-wise it falls short. Pritam offers a delightful solo to Kunal Ganjawala in Jadugari; sprightly love ditty where the singer seldom goes wrong. Tere bin is a Sonu’ish version […]

Wednesday December 22, 2010 20:56

Vareva (Music review), Telugu – Mahesh Shankar

The Suprabaadham start to the title song clearly masks an uptempo, catchy track, effortlessly sung by Ranjit and Sri Charan. Are idhi asalu has a kind of energy that is highly infectious; even its interludes are interestingly disjoint! Yelo yelo and Usiri usiri, despite all the foot-tapping rhythms are standard kuthu fare, while Kedharnath Parimi […]

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