Tabaah (Music review), Indipop – Neha Bhasin & Gaurav Dayal

Apple Bottoms is Neha’s Jennifer Lopez’ish turn, video-wise and music-wise too; it is adequately catchy! It’s Tamil version is gimmicky and pointless, however. The grungy title song and the more rocky Khwahish, are quite appealing. Trash‘s pop-rock sound is something that gels well with Neha’s enthusiastic vocals, while the immensely hummable Neela aasmaa is the best of the album! Haaniya‘s techno-Punju attempt ends very badly and Beep beep is straight out of Alisha Chinai’s thankfully-forgotten 80s repertoire! Tabaah is a pretty decent album, with the imminent danger of being slotted into the ‘item’ category, thanks to Apple Bottoms’ racy video.

Keywords: Neha Bhasin, Gaurav Dayal, Saibal Basu, Apple Bottoms, Tabaah