Gaayam 2 (Music review), Telugu – Ilayaraja

If you move past Raja’s withered vocals in the otherwise poignant Kalagane kannulo, you get two angry, impatient and filmy-revolutionary songs in Eluthundru kodukulu and Rama rajyam; similar tunes with Vandemataram Srinivas and Karthik taking turns in spouting frenzied lyrics. Anitha’s Masaka venaka too sounds largely pointless. But the veteran composer makes it up BIG time with Andala lokam and Endukamma prema, both with his trademark 80s sound that he resuscitated beautifully in Paa, delightful tunes and Sriram Parthasaradhi! The former, in particular, is worth the entire soundtrack! There is still comfort and joy in Raja’s 80s pot of gold.

Keywords: Gaayam 2, Ilayaraja, Jagapathi Babu, Vimala Raman