Soch Lo (Music review), Hindi – Nitish Pires, Charu Moohan & Mehboob

Charu Moohan’s lyrics, music and vocals in Dedh inch oopar is a strangely languorous experience vaguely echoing Vishal Bharadwaj’ish sensibilities – true slow poison, in every sense! The song’s unique musical package with odd lyrics at places – the Aandho aandho phrase, in particular – is extremely addictive! Charu’s other track, Faani dayar too is compelling; Master Salim’s soaring vocals and a wonderful tune; the arrangements are mighty accomplished for someone unknown! Nitish Pires’ Kasera offers a glimpse into the composer’s capabilities – excellent, rockish listen, but it is in Mera yahaan hai kaun that he excels, far beyond all expectations from this unheard of soundtrack! With its classic rock roots, Prashant Ingole’s lyrics and brilliant vocals by Nitish himself, the song hits all the right notes. Even the song’s female version, by Bianca Gomes, displays amazing maturity in its mildly re-imagined version! Mehboob’s (the A R Rahman-wala Mehboob?) Save Me Destiny sounds incongruous compared to rest of the soundtrack, but is a haunting package, with a curious, Central Asian sound! Soch Lo is a rare soundtrack that has no promotion going for it, but offers a fascinating package! Charu Moohan and Nitish Pires are composers to watch out for!

Keywords: Nitish Pires, Charu Moohan, Mehboob, Sartaj Singh Pannu, Nishan Nanaiah, Barkha Madan, Himanshu Kohli, Iris Maity, Bhupinder Singh

PS: Here are the websites of Charu Moohan and Nitish Pires!