Archive for August 18th, 2010

The Pancham touch is smart and subtle in the title song‘s background; the enthusiasm quotient, in large part by Nikhil D’Souza and Monali Thakur’s vocals, is obvious and addictive. The second title song, featuring Vishal and Shilpa Rao is completely different and fuses Vishal Shekhar’ish rock with the Indian impressively! Lucky Ali completely rocks Hairat; […]

Charu Moohan’s lyrics, music and vocals in Dedh inch oopar is a strangely languorous experience vaguely echoing Vishal Bharadwaj’ish sensibilities – true slow poison, in every sense! The song’s unique musical package with odd lyrics at places – the Aandho aandho phrase, in particular – is extremely addictive! Charu’s other track, Faani dayar too is […]

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