Chikku Bukku (Music review), Tamil – Hariharan & Leslie Lewis

Beyond its very, very Leslie’ish Indipop sound, the title song is a catchy, groovy listen. Oru nila has a delightfully crafted tune, almost in the early Rahman style, and Chandrayee’s singing is the highlight, as much as the gorgeous anupallavi. Zara zara gets its sound right, but not the tune – predictably ordinary; while Thooral nindralum is a scintillating techno-qawali that makes brilliantly harmonious use of Hariharan and Wadali Brothers’ vocals; it’s nice to listen to a primarily Hindi composition work so well, thanks in large part to Valee’s lyrics! Adnan Sami munches and spits out Tamil, but, along with Sujatha, he has a fantastic melody in Vizhi oru paadhi; the tune is beautifully reflective and reminds one of Vidyasagar’s style, but with the spirited orchestration unique to Leslie and Hariharan. Pravin Mani’s two songs score big time, and after his spate of B-grade projects in Tamil, that is hugely comforting. Smile has a cheerful Latino touch and crisp vocals by Suchith Suresan, while Adi saarale, with its dulcet tune, is backed by imaginative orchestration. Colonial Cousins, Hari and Leslie, continue to treat Tamil film music in their own pop style, and it gets considerably better, after Modhi Vilayaadu.

Keywords: Arya, Shriya Saran, Shreya Saran, Hariharan, Leslie Lewis, Colonial Cousins, Chikku Bukku