Irandu Mugam (Music review), Tamil – Bharadwaj

Kannum kannum is typical Bharadwaj – a lovely, rhythmic tune with better anupallavi than pallavi, Minsaram medhuvai is typical Bharadwaj too – the pointlessly outdated mod sound of the composer. He gets behind the mike for Pen nenjam, a soaring pathos-tinged melody that sounds like a Islamic devotional song with occasional guitaring – is tuneful, but! Sunitha Menon drags endlessly in the mercilessly stretched, sad tune in Aasa vechen, while Yanai katti joins the list of stupid, mindless kuthu songs. Largely uninterested work from a composer who is capable of more…his dependence on select directors, to deliver, is a problem!

Keywords: Sathyaraj, Karan, Bharadwaj, Irandu Mugam