Eno Onthara (Music review), Kannada – V.Harikrishna

Gandu makkalu cruises smoothly enough with its foot-tapping, but oft-repeated tune, except when it stumbles upon childish interludes. Dilkhush is a lovely melody; very catchy, with simple, lovely arrangements, while the mildly-Black Eyed Peas’ish Boom boom pa merely passes muster. Inthi ninna preethiya is sweet, but very stale as far as the melody goes, while veteran SPB rocks Anthara heegeke, clearly inspired by Andy Williams’ Where do I begin! Passable soundtrack from Harikrishna – he continues to not have his own style and passes off as a blend of many other composers from Kannada. Wonder how long this method will last!

Keywords: V Harikrishna, Priyamani, Ganesh, Eno Onthara