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Cmon cmon has a sparse, pleasant tune and is skillfully orchestrated, while Ishq hai yeh gets better, in Mickey J Meyer style, except for those cringe-inducing chorus in Hindi. Composer Bobo Shashi sounds like Rahman in Kanneere, even though his tune is as enticing as Yuvan’s! Karthik and Chinmayi are in excellent form in Manase […]

I recently came across a few tweets by @allusirish, on sci-fi films in India. Our prev gen of filmmakers were better of than us. “Karuda Rathrikal” starring MGR, Bhanumathi was an alien visitation film in 1960.. (Link) Satyajit Ray & Columbia Pics attempted 2 make a film “The Alien” in 1960 with Marlon Brando based […]

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