Bandish (Music review), Indipop – Bandish

Tere bin, featuring KK is uncannily like Pritam – very similar, up-tempo ballad. The remix is even more like a Pritam track! The title track sounds, at best, like fusion attempts of early 90s, while Khuda baksh and Mahi, featuring Krishna, are surprisingly straight out of a masala film’s judai situation! Thankfully, there is Meethi baatein teri and I believe – both carry brilliant tunes and spirited vocals + arrangements combination! Dummadum is an ever-impressive song – Bandish’s live version is high on energy! But for the last three tracks, this is a strangely sub-standard effort after a spirited debut.

Keywords: Christopher Powell, Desmond Powell, Adil Manuel, Bobby, Brennon Denfer, Ulrich S.N. Gomes, Deepak Nair, Robert, Sidhu