Kiya Yehi Piyar Hai (Music review), Pakistani Pop – Annie

Beyond the controversy about assorted record labels rejecting her and the album-leak brouhaha ahead of its launch, Annie’s latest album is a surprisingly fine effort. The 3 melodic tracks, Kiya yehi piyar hai, To woh nahin and Listen do expose Annie’s rather limited vocal range in vocals but musically they are mighty good, particularly the first two. The rest is enthusiastically catchy and the ones that stand out include Ali Mustafa composed Zara zara, Bilal Saeed composed Vari vari and the Mahiya sound-alike Tu mera dil. This album is an intelligent effort to mask Annie‚Äôs below-average vocals with listenable tunes!

Keywords: Annie, Annie Khalid, Mahiya, Kiya Yehi Piyar Hai, Kya Yehi Pyar Hai