Komaram Puli (Music review), Telugu – A R Rahman

Power Star is that perfectly exhilarating hero-intro track – it is racy, immensely catchy and a cornucopia of fascinating sounds all working in brilliant sync. Amma thale starts of as Swetha Mohan’s show as she skillfully traverses through seemingly tongue-twisting lyrics by Chandrabose. But then Naresh Iyer literally flows in with this portion and increases the enthusiasm quotient significantly! This is essentially a simple, tuneful song that gains by Rahman’s imagination in the way the lyrics are intonated. Maaralente is beautifully orchestrated, almost like an Andhra-version of Rahman’s iconic Vande Mataram, complete with his own peekaboo take on Maa Telugu Talliki. Rahman also chooses to bestow it with his soaring vocals for maximum impact. Maham Maye and Dochey is Rahman having fun – the former’s peppy nature is in major doses due to spirited vocals by Javed Ali and Suchitra , while the Gangsta Blues’ style (Slumdog Millionaire) Dochey rivals Power Star in the way it skillfully uses sounds to great effect. Namakame echoes strong traces of Bombay Theme; this harmonious, prayer-like tune even has Chitra’s humming adding a gorgeous layer mid way! Komaram Puli’s music is a heady commercial cocktail, with immediately likeable tunes dexterously constructed with brilliant packaging.

Keywords: A R Rahman, Pawan Kalyan, Nikhisha Patel, Komaram Puli