Udaan (Music review), Hindi – Amit Trivedi

Aazaadiyan’s harmonious vocals, wrapped in true rock style, take flight mid-way beautifully; the track has wonderful lyrics by Amitach Bhattacharya and equally good vocals by himself, the composer and Neuman Pinto. Geet mein is Amitabh’s show again, even as that classic rock base gorgeously invokes many rock Gods, while both the Amits sing their heart out! Kahaani has breathtaking guitar work all through…and oh…those lyrics again, courtesy Amitabh! Joi Barua and Neuman Pinto’s singing starts at an unconventional point and builds on the tune in a bewitching way! Motumaster’s lyrics, by Anurag Kashyap, indicate right at the beginning its spoofy mood! With outlandish rhymes, the words are the only thing going for this nautanki-style number; tune-wise it is ordinary. Naav’s orchestration, when it introduces itself, after the prelude, is enough to knock you down. Mohan’s rustic vocals add to it and make for a delightful combo. Nadi mein bears a strong echo of Amit’s debut, Aamir, and blends itself into the ‘Ek hulchul si’ mode from Dev.D soon, all the while creating a compelling sound. The theme piece too is fascinatingly composed, with it’s heart-tugging combination of piano and violin! A knock-out, yet again, from one of India’s most promising composers!

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