Singam (Music review), Tamil – Devi Sri Prasad

Everything about En idhayam is mundane – that sedate rhythm and archaic tune; if it still works, it is only because of Suchitra’s hypnotic vocals, ably supported by Tipu. Devi appropriately re-purposes his Telugu-style compositions for Baba Sehgal’s Kadhal vandhale and the sheer catchiness of it carries it through, while the steam completely runs out in the dumb, annoying Naane indhiran. The title song too is painfully banal. Stole my heart is strictly functional, thanks to the pulsating arrangements Devi assembles, while its melody comes out better in the unplugged version. Standard and intermittently likeable fare from Devi Sri Prasad.

Keywords: Suriya, Surya, Anushka, Singam