Music review: Darling (Telugu – GV Prakash Kumar)

Hosahore is literally racy and settles into a nice groovy rhythm, while Benny Dayal’s Yeyo goes full blast in glitzy orchestration and vocalized effects to support Prabhas’ snazzy dance moves. Bulle is that mandatory folk’ish item number that sounds every bit forced and predictable. Pranama‘s regurgitated arrangements can help an already stale tune only so much. The composer has a decent melody in Inka eedo, embellished with repetitively pleasant musical pieces. The best track is however sung by GV Prakash himself – Neeve, an almost Yuvan-like hip-hop laced track that’s beautifully easy-on-the-ears. Standard mod Telugu soundtrack with intermittent, catchy highlights.

Keywords: Prabhas, Kajal Agarwal, Karunakaran, GV Prakash Kumar, GVP