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Monday March 29, 2010 21:15

Music review: Kites (Hindi – Rajesh Roshan)

Zindagi opens as quite a standard package, but the melody and lilting arrangement make it an endearing listen, as it progresses. In Dil kyun yeh mera, the veteran composer creates a neat combination of a lovely tune and hip arrangements, even as he gets Vishal and Suraj to croon Tum bhi ho wahi, an instantly […]

Monday March 29, 2010 21:06

Music review: Sura (Tamil – Manisharma)

Naan nadanthal works only because of its appealing, stylish rhythms even though the lyrics are beyond mundane. Siragadikkum nilavu is archaic Manisharma material, with rudimentary catchiness, while Thamizhan veera thamizhan is loud, pointless and silly. The composer reuses his Telugu Billa chartbuster, Bommayi ,as Thanjavoor jillaakaari; Hemachandra repeats his role and infuses life into the […]

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