Music review: My Free Spirit (Indipop – Shibani Kashyap)

Ba khuda is the same old arabic’esque track that every Indipop star does the mistake of singing. Buena vida is the Latin equivalent of the same mistake. Dance along has mildly interesting arrangements but an annoying, wannabe sound, while Justin-Uday’s last track Keh do is perhaps their best – nice, rock’ish structure and vocals. Shibani composes Alvida and Jane kya anjaam hoga; both make for good listening with neat tunes and interesting arrangements. Bappi Lahiri’s Disco has unfortunately escaped the time capsule it was in, while Santosh Nair’s Khali bali is saved by its engaging rhythm. Middling stuff, as usual.

Keywords: Shibani Kashyap, Justin-Uday, Bappi Lahiri, Santosh Nair, My Free Spirit