Music review: Prince (Hindi – Sachin Gupta)

Composer Sachin Gupta gets his big ticket in Prince and uses Atif Aslam intelligently across 4 tracks. O mere khuda is templatized, but is a racy listen, while Tere liye works better in Sachin’s own unplugged version than Atif-Shreya’s duet. Kaun hoon main exploits Atif’s soaring vocals pretty well, but the amnesiac lyrics are tame. Aa bhi ja offers a mellow version of O mere khuda, again, Atif’s voice is what sticks big time. Jiyara and Ishq mein are poor Pritam imitations that  don’t work. Vivek Oberoi may be ‘the’ Prince, but Atif Aslam is the prince of the soundtrack!

Keywords: Vivek Oberoi, Prince, Sachin Gupta, Prince Hindi music review, Atif Aslam