Music review: Maro Charitra (Telugu – Mickey J Meyer)

Prema prema is beautiful, but generic. We Don’t Care sounds good, but is so standard’ish that it is disappointing. Ninnu nannu‘s mellifluous orchestration holds the key even as the tune of terribly predictable. Strangely enough, the composer does an astounding job while retuning two of the MS Viswanathan’s original songs – Bale bale magadivoy, with a groovy, African twist and the best of the soundtrack, Ye teega puvvuno, with its hypnotic touch of melody so different from the original; ambient arrangements, combined with Shweta’s vocals give this track a mesmerizing, ethereal quality! The fatigue shows, but Mickey’s spark is intact!

Keywords: Varun Sandesh, Anita, Mickey J Meyer, Kamal Hassan, K Balachander, Sarita, MS Viswanathan, new Maro Charitra music review