Music review: Maleyali Jotheyali (Kannada – Harikrishna)

Yenu helabeku is constructed like a Hindi song, and Sonu makes it work quite well. However, Sonu’s best in the soundtrack is Nee sanihake bandare; mildly reminiscent of Rahman’s Tu hi meri dost, but Harikrishna builds on the simple, endearing tune well. The title song passes muster, as does Yaara ninna mummy, overdosing on a mishmash of sounds. Shuruvagide is a good package thanks to Shaan and Shreya, even as Harikrishna’s arrangements make a mark. The pick of the soundtrack is Ganesh’s Haalada heartalli – his earthy vocals and a joyous, Goan-styled tune do the trick! Competent winner from Harikrishna.

Keywords: Golden Star Ganesh, Jayant Kaikini, Harikrishna