Music review: Inkosari (Telugu – Mahesh Shankar)

Ninnalanni has all things going for it – a pleasant and melodious tune, a catchy chorus and Rahul Nambiar’s serene vocals, but this one, along with Shweta Pandit’s Vade navadu, though perfectly functional, are too mired in the standard new-age Telugu filmy sound. Hariharan’s title song too is a bit trite, despite trying hard with pleasing sounds. Lifey oka Saturday is considerably better as it rolls out a catchy, attitude-loaded fusion track, but Hey hey everybody goes overboard with the feel and gets annoying. After making a mark in Prayanam, Mahesh Shankar’s music in Inkosari falls significantly and disappointingly short.

Keywords: Mahesh Shankar, Raja, Manjari Fadnis, Richa Pallod