Top recent listens (October 2009)

Sainya Ve & Milke yun laga: Jail (Hindi OST), Toshi-Sharib
Toshi-Sharib’s standard, formulaic tunes continue to impress and save Madhur’s latest film’s soundtrack. Sainya ve, despite that jaded sufi sound is mighty addictive, while Sharib’s vocals are the surprise package of Milke yun laga.

Fitoor & Mai ni meriye: Fitoor (Indipop), Mohit Chauhan
Fitoor is a beautiful album – very nuanced and heartfelt. While all the songs uniformly help in creating a unified mood for the album, the title song and the very-Pahadi Mai ni meriye are clear stand-outs. The latter has some charming, colloquial lyrics that are worth enjoying in each listen.

Vaanam pudhidhu: Ilamai Idho Idho (Tamil OST), Vidyasagar
Vidyasagar’s trademark melody with minimal orchestral intrusions during the a line like ‘Adikkadi nerum maranam pudhidhu’ (‘Dying often feels new’ – due to the fact that I’ve fallen in love…just to add context)

Rasiya & Ali maula: Kurbaan (Hindi OST), Salim Sulaiman
Rasiya is delightful, period! I was having a discussion with one of the visitors of Milliblog on which raag this is based on – she demonstrated it to be the carnatic raag, Pantuvarali. I started with that point but started humming Ilayaraja’s Raajapaarvai number, Andhi Mazhai (based on Vasantha, and which I mistakenly assumed as Amirthavarshini) as Rasiya progressed. I warmed up to Ali maula the moment it had the word Parvar digaar…don’t ask me why…I love the sound of that word. Came to know via twitter that it means ‘Almighty’…perfect meaning. Lovely song that spells hope.

Vaada vinmele: Appavi (Tamil OST), Joshua Sridhar
This is a rather bizarre addition – as a song, Vaada vinmele is a plain and predictable massy number and as I had mentioned in the review, something that the younger crop of Tamil stars would love as their bombastic intro song. But composer Joshua Sridhar, after a spate of Kannada soundtracks, uses simple, but catchy hooks all over to make this a winner.

Gundello: Ek Niranjan (Telugu OST), Manisharma
Typical Manisharma, but also holds some shades of Gurukiran’s style adopted in Mangamma from Maharadhi! The smooth connection with the classical piece, Entharo, makes it even easier to like this track.

Sabse peeche: Aao wish karein (Hindi OST), Ankur Tewari
Aao wish karein the surprise soundtrack in recent times…I mean who in their right mind would want to listen to anything with Aftab Shivdasani in it? But composer Ankur Tewari proves us wrong, that too with a tune that he composed way back in 2002, used it first in Let’s Enjoy in 2004 with Mohit Chauhan singing it. Now, Kunal Ganjawala adds a groovy layer to the same track and all its variants too have been treated really well!

Starstruck, Bodies, You know me: Reality killed the video star, Robbie Williams
Robbie Williams is back, well…not with a bang, but with a fairly good album. He sounds less confident compared to his earlier albums, but also has gone decidedly more pop’ish…as if he wasn’t already! Some of the lyrics in this album is quite atrocious…like ‘a knife cutting into vaseline…’ or something along those lines…!

She wolf: She wolf, Shakira
So, this song that I couldn’t get outta my head was by Shakira. The trouble with FM stations is that the RJs talk excessively and the only thing they don’t say is the name of the artist or the album when you expect them to, the most. Nice, catchy song, but the album is pretty average stuff.

Hey ariba: Raydel
This is clearly a blast from the past and I was subconsciously forced to add it to my weekly play-list. Raydel is a one-hit wonder and I discovered this mindbogglingly catchy dance track on the French music channel MCM, back when I was in Delhi. If this can’t uplift your mood, perhaps nothing else can 🙂