Music review: Ilamai Idho Idho (Tamil – Vidyasagar)

Vaanam pudhidhu has the hallmark of a Vidyasagar melody – from the fabulous vocals to the minimal, nuanced orchestration. Sujatha’s Kaadhal pookkum goes one up on the melody scale, sounding almost like a Ilayaraja number with extra oomph. Kulukki breathlessly races past the attention span, while Kuthu paattu is sans any kuthu. Beyond its Latino references, Naalu suvarum’s lyrics mirror the state of colleges beautifully, while the catchy chaste-Tamil reggaeton, Angadhai, is a fantastic first for Tamil film music, thanks largely to Madhan Gargi’s Karky’s inventive lyrics! Vidyasagar makes great use of this little known film to experiment; largely succeeds too!

Keywords: Avitej, Trinath, Parvathi, Vainavi, Vidyasagar, Ilamai Itho Itho