Music review: Three (Hindi – Chirantan Bhatt)

With its sweet and mild Latino sound, Tum jo ho kareeb is reasonably listenable – Shreya going for the kill with her velvety vocals. This beat is really thumping is a title that’s way too ambitious – it’s anything but thumping or interesting. Kabhie mujhe is largely bland and boring, but Hamza’s vocals and the catchy pop sound in Driving me crazy is pretty neat. But the show-stopper from this soundtrack is Nandini Srikar’s Hamein pyaar karo – a haunting melody accentuated by the tabla-fused arrangements! Chirantan Bhatt’s barely tolerable sound is intact in Three, barring a sole, surprise winner!

Keywords: Ashish Chowdhry, Nausheen Ali Sardar, Chirantan Bhatt