Music review: Januma Janumadallu (Kannada – Mano Murthy)

Aalangisu’s enthusiastic melody and arrangement is reminiscent of Mungaru Male – in a positive way, that is! In Tumbali, he gives Shreya a lively tune and she pulls it off well, while the Sonu gets a soulful melody in Maleya haniyalli – charming tune with the orchestration bordering Ilayaraja’s! Amma ninna’s tune and interludes are pleasant – if only the backgrounds were toned down! Ati aparoopa and Bappare are trademark Mano, with his Bollywood’ish touch – the former is strictly average, while the latter works for its charming rhythm. Mano gets back his engaging sound after a series of middling soundtracks.

Keywords: Prem, Prem Kumar, Andrita Ray, Mano Murthy