Wednesday August 19, 2009

Music review: What’s Your Raashee? (Hindi – Sohail Sen)

Posted by Karthik

If you’ve made a pact with Sohail’s annoying voice early on, it’s in Pyaari pyaari that things get excruciating. The first 4 tracks are – to be fair – pretty good; the sax-loaded title song, guitar-driven Jao na, the catchy Aja lehraate and the lovely melody in Bikhri bikhri, that is. Things take a painfully outdated turn starting Maanunga and the soundtrack goes all the way downhill, with its jaded tunes, embarrassing middle-eastern sounds, thankfully-forgotten 80s pop sounds and pale imitations of Rahman and Ismail Darbar. Sohail has an awful lot to catch up, musically, after this arduous, 13-track soundtrack.

Keywords: Sohail Sen, Ashutosh Gowariker, Harman Baweja, Priyanka Chopra

Note: I shudder to think of this film’s running time, given Ashutosh’s penchant for l-o-n-g films. With 13 tracks to fit in the script, I’m guessing…2 shows a day?



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