Music review: Kanden Kaadhalai (Tamil – Vidyasagar)

Naan mozhi arindhen tops the bad-singer-choice list, with Suresh Wadkar irritatingly laboring in Tamil, spoiling a respectable tune. Udit is next, massacring Venpanju – another tune that could have been better with just Karthik singing it, while Hariharan’s Suthudhu is just too standard a tune. Kaatru Pudhidhaai is considerably better, barring the Aao milo chalen ghost around it. Ododi poren’s lively singing by Lavanya and Rashmi is infectious while Oru naal iravil rounds off the soundtrack with its catchy techno sound. Not Jab We Met standard, but it’s heartening to see Vidyasagar churning tunes with variations, for the same situations.

Keywords: Bharath, Tamanna, Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, Jab We Met, Kandaen Kadhalai