Music review: Quick Gun Murugan (Hindi/ South Indian Gibberish – Sagar Desai, Raghu Dixit)

Update: Daniel George is NOT the composer of this soundtrack. This is perhaps the shoddiest work I’ve ever by a Tier 1 record label – a HUGE round of spanks to Sony Music India. Composer Raghu Dixit confirmed that the music for this soundtrack is by Sagar Desai (of ‘Straight’ fame), while Raghu himself has scored music and written the lyrics for the title song. The all-important lyrics are by Ankur Tewari. Here’s the real CD sleeve with the right credits, courtesy Raghu (its a tad small, but!)

The Dialogue mix that opens the soundtrack sets the tone – it’s funny like no other song I’ve heard – one super combination of extraordinarily silly lyrics and pulsating sound. Raghu Dixit’s thick, accented vocals go fabulously well with the Murugan persona in the title song and Daniel makes some incredible additions like a hilarious female chorus and sitar sound. Mind It, the so-called Tamil Bhangra is sans a word of Tamil, but solid fun! Vijay Prakash gets 4 songs…Kyoon keeda, with a purposefully languorous style and wacky lyrics; the unfortunately tepid number, Ek tha murugan; the incredibly worded, bringing-MGR-back number, Chat mangni lover and the rollicking duet with Hamsika Iyer, Kuchi kuchi twist, where both get the accents, right up to the moNey. Naam mera mango dolly, sadly, seems forced, barring the lyrics. But the remixes are great fun here, particularly the Ragamuffin mix with generous Tamil rap! Daniel George may have had a few false starts with Sehar and Johnny Gaddar, but here, he rocks. It’s all deliberately spoofy, but Daniel’s intelligence shows in getting the Southie filmy sound spot-on, along with zany lyrics (uncredited in the CD!). Quick Gun Murugan’s soundtrack is high on attitude and is a rip-roaring comic ride!

Keywords: Dr Rajendra Prasad, Rambha, Daniel B George, Raghu Dixit, Quickgun Murugan, Sagar Desai

Note: One of the highlights of this soundtrack is the lyrics – they’re mighty wacky. And its unpardonable that Sony Music did not credit the lyricist from the CD – I checked the CD sleeve; couldn’t find it. Is the film’s director Shashanka Ghosh responsible for the lyrics? Who is the lyricist?