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Himesh’s new voice in Mann ka radio does sound different; but his actual voice shows up halfway through the droning but addictive song. Three other tracks that make the cut include Rafa dafa – a lilting song with stagey arrangements and a delightful tune; the Kailash Kher – Himesh duet, Damadji, with its charming folk […]

Ore oru ooru has the typical pseudo folk sound that has now become extraordinarily tired, while P P Venkat’s frenzied Oru mani rendu mani is high on its manic rhythms and amusing lyrics, the composer using his standard arsenal of catchy tunes like his earlier chartbusters. Kangalai parithidum is uncannily Harris Jeyaraj, only rough around […]

Wednesday August 26, 2009 20:45

I love Indian Film Music!

Ever since I remember, I’ve always been fascinated by film music. Having lived in many Indian states (my Dad was a banker; meaning, a transfer every 4/5 years!), I’ve acquired a taste for listening to film songs in any Indian language – regardless of whether I understand the lyrics or not. My interest in Western […]

Hasili fisiliye is typical Harris fare – gibberish opening and a simple, rhythmic pattern; does get addictive after the initial annoyance. Yeno yeno has plain horrendous Tamil pronunciation by Shail and Andrea, with Sudha Ragunathan sadly sandwiched between both; this one and Vaarayo are painful leftovers from Harris’ earlier debacle, Satyam. Damakku is assembly-line and […]

Bubble gum is interesting for its completely abstract tune that changes pitch every few seconds – doesn’t stick, but. Jillendru oru kalavaram uses a standard pop melody and with its boy-band’ish arrangements, manages to be infectious, while the composer carries the smooth melody in Oru kili, along with Shreya, quite admirably. Unnai partha pinbu has […]

With its sweet and mild Latino sound, Tum jo ho kareeb is reasonably listenable – Shreya going for the kill with her velvety vocals. This beat is really thumping is a title that’s way too ambitious – it’s anything but thumping or interesting. Kabhie mujhe is largely bland and boring, but Hamza’s vocals and the […]

Aalangisu’s enthusiastic melody and arrangement is reminiscent of Mungaru Male – in a positive way, that is! In Tumbali, he gives Shreya a lively tune and she pulls it off well, while the Sonu gets a soulful melody in Maleya haniyalli – charming tune with the orchestration bordering Ilayaraja’s! Amma ninna’s tune and interludes are […]

If you’ve made a pact with Sohail’s annoying voice early on, it’s in Pyaari pyaari that things get excruciating. The first 4 tracks are – to be fair – pretty good; the sax-loaded title song, guitar-driven Jao na, the catchy Aja lehraate and the lovely melody in Bikhri bikhri, that is. Things take a painfully […]

The title song is immensely sing-along’ish and despite that mild monotony via Shankar’s vocals, makes for a lovely listen, particularly the exuberant title call-out. In Kya Karoon, the highlight is clearly Clinton Cerejo’s vocals – brilliant choice, since his largely non-filmy texture adds a fabulous layer to the already soothing track! Aaj kal zindagi is […]

After 3 years since their eponymous debut album, Overload’s intriguingly titled, Pichal Pairee, is indeed a fitting follow-up. It’s predominantly instrumental again – a drastic departure from the average Pakistani band. Saat mein has Ustad Alah Loke’s pakhawaj complementing the vibrant percussion sound orchestrated by Farhad Humayun. Vichar gai is curiously ominous till a more […]

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