Music review: Ritu (Malayalam – Rahul Raj)

Despite his occasionally failing vocals, Rahul Raj impresses in the light and frothy Venal kaattil, with lovely use of guitar, while Gayatri and Suchith breeze through the considerably slower melody in Pularumo, who’s flow is mighty interesting. Jeetu’s country styled Ku ku koo and Job Kurian (of Thaalam fame!!) – Neha’s funky Chanjalam are thoroughly enjoyable! Love kills sounds pretty darn good too, barring that mild resemblance to Remo’s Huiya Ho from Khamoshi! Ritu is a highly listenable soundtrack from Rahul Raj – the sound is contemporary and stylish, but it’s those gorgeous tunes that works big time in its favor.

Keywords: Shyamaprasad, Rahul Raj, Joshua Newtonn