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Wednesday July 29, 2009 21:15

Music review: Yogi (Kannada – Emil)

Ardambarda daadi and its seeming remix, Brucelee vamsha are pure cacophony, borrowing Truth Hurts’ Addictive rhythm too, in the bargain. Jogiyaada jogi competes with the earlier two in the noise department and despite some snazzy sounds, falls completely flat. Karthik’s Neenomme nakresaaku too fails with its mundane tune. A. R. Rahman’s sister Rehana powers the […]

Tuesday July 28, 2009 21:39

Music review: Cradlesong (Rob Thomas)

Matchbox Twenty lead singer, Rob Thomas’ 2005 debut, ‘…Something To Be’ seems more like a curtain raiser, in front of his latest effort, ‘Cradlesong’. A far more cohesive album, Cradlesong goes the whole hog in delivering one great track after another and delighting with the sheer range of influences and genres! Natural is the track […]

Monday July 27, 2009 21:20

Music review: Amar Desh (Bangladeshi Pop)

If Anan’s Hishabi mohajon apes a catchy Hindi song, his other two strike it rich – the atmospheric sound in Guru blends into a lilting folk sound, while Bang opens with a Rahman’ish flute and is very tuneful. Hashem’s Dadi koise is heady Bangla folk, but Shithi’s Boitha overdoses on the orchestration. Amar Desh tries […]

What’s with Ravi Teja and Thaman? After Kick, the composer scores for the actor again in Anjaneyulu. Dil se bolo is left-over Manisharma, with mildly interesting additions, while Yem vayaso and Anjali offer funky, likeably hip tunes and orchestration – Anjali, in particular. Nuvve kantapadanante is predictably sleep-inducing, but the 2 raucous, massy songs – […]

The highlight of Puthiya Mugham is Prithviraj’s vocals in Kaane kaane and the actor passes the singing test with flying colors – the suddenly soaring tune by Deepak too helps generously. The mellow, Charukesi-like Yedhukula murali is fabulously tuneful while Shankar Mahadevan completely rocks Picha vecha naal mudhal – a stunningly simple and imaginative tune, […]

Wednesday July 22, 2009 21:39

Music review: Ritu (Malayalam – Rahul Raj)

Despite his occasionally failing vocals, Rahul Raj impresses in the light and frothy Venal kaattil, with lovely use of guitar, while Gayatri and Suchith breeze through the considerably slower melody in Pularumo, who’s flow is mighty interesting. Jeetu’s country styled Ku ku koo and Job Kurian (of Thaalam fame!!) – Neha’s funky Chanjalam are thoroughly […]

College bulloda is the best example of a bad start – beyond the street-smart rhythm, it’s more of Chakri’s material, than Sandeep. Diridiri and Aawara too are way too simplistic and predictable, while Bad bad boy, with only vague, generic shades of Terence TrentD’Arby’s Delicate is also too routine to stand out. Where Sandeep really […]

With 5 singers, the weirdly short Aage aage is mindless in a typical Pritam way – some convenient rhythms and a non-descript tune. The strong flavor in Gunji angana mein works solely because of Sunidhi’s lively vocals, while Kuke kuke recycles Pritam’s numerous songs, but is still good fun, with a mock’ish medley of sounds. […]

Suvai karumbe atrociously apes Harris Jayaraj, in vain, but the melancholic tune in Adhu oru adaimazhai kaalam works quite well. Haricharan’s Mazhaye mazhaye too is Harris’ sound to the core, and this time, the inspiration clicks. Benny Dayal mumbles nonsense in true ‘peter’ style in the title song within its catchy exterior. Putham pudhu is […]

Bappi’s Miss Baabaloo is pitiably stupid while the middling Paki rock he attempts in Tere bin is noticeably better. Anu Malik raps inconsolably in Laal quile while his Chal mera haath pakad is irritating. If the soundtrack still survives it’s because of debutants, Sachin-Jigar! I will be there for you is effervescent with sparkling guitar, […]

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