Music review: Varnam (Tamil – Isaac Thomas Kottukappally)

Dangaa dungaa is a medley of folk sounds and results in something unremarkable. Kaadhal vandhaal, Kannaamoochi & Muniya are predominantly formulaic – methodically engineered melody, pathos & folk tracks. Vaanam muzhuvadhum megam bears some sparks of ingenuity with Naresh helping with his vocals to a great extent. But Veerapandi bhoomi idhu turns things back to square one – another familiar folk tune with the standard rustic paraphernalia of instruments making a quotidian appearance. Varnam’s soundtrack has nothing that stands out – composer Isaac Thomas Kottukappally may have an illustrious background of working on so-called ‘award’ films; this doesn’t sound like one!

Keywords: Isaac Thomas Kottukappally