Music review: Gulaal (Hindi – Piyush Mishra)

Rahul Ram’s Aarambh is powerful, both in the arrangements and in the incredible selection of words that work with their rich intonation, while Shilpa Rao towers over the soulfully arranged Aisi sazaa with her sonorous voice. Beedo and Ranaji have everything in place to sustain the Visha Bharadwaj’esque folk genre – Rekha Bharadwaj and catchy folk lyrics and tune; perfect blend! Piyush croons Duniya almost like it’s a prayer – with heartfelt vocals and world-weary tone, this one is a fitting tribute to that memorable Pyaasa song it references. Raat ke musafir’s free flowing tune gains from Rahul Ram’s vocals and that seductive, prowling guitar. Sheher draws parallels between the title and blood with its rich lyrical play, while the singers – Piyush and Swanand Kirkire do a great job with the song’s expression. Yaara maula is the pick of the soundtrack – awesome singing by Rahul Ram, Piyush and Aushim, and awe-inspiring backgrounds that build a mesmerizing crescendo before evening out things serenely, towards the end. Despite the film’s Prakash Jha’ish feel, Anurag Kashyap leaves his indelible stamp all over Piyush Mishra’s soundtrack. Gulaal’s music is thoughtfully thematic, atmospheric and intricately layered – almost like a hinterland version of Dev.D!

Keywords: Kay Kay Menon, Piyush Mishra, Anurag Kahyap, Mahi Gill