Music review: Siva Manasula Shakthi (Tamil – Yuvan Shankar Raja)

Adangaa Pidaari has Shankar Mahadevan toying with a frivolous, MCP’ish number and beyond the catchy backgrounds, MGR illeenga is largely flippant. Eppadiyo maattikitten takes Tamil hip-hop ahead and showcases Yuvan’s impressive cross-over skills, while Oru kal oru kannaadi is a competent ballad barring that annoying, often off-key vocals by the composer himself, while Adnan’s version of this track is ballad – boy-band style. Thithikkum theeyai is extremely groovy and likeable, something Yuvan does more often in Telugu. The best track however is woefully short – Ranjith rules over Oru paarvayil, where Yuvan goes back to his Kaadhal Konden high. Capable, middle-of-the-road soundtrack.

Keywords: Jeeva, Anuya, Yuvan Shankar Raja, SMS