Music review: Circus (Kannada – Emil)

Rajkumar’s 80s cult hit by Ilayaraja, Jeeva hoovagidhe, gets a mildly altered makeover, but the modern intrusions (that obnoxious I love you!) only add to the annoyance. Emil’s simple, Mano Murthy’ish melody in Pisugudale is undeniably appealing, while Sajnaare is a very breezy and pleasant number sounding almost like it’s composed by a Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy assistant who’s yet to complete his music lessons. The upbeat Baaro geleya with that catchy ‘Onn swalpa’ and the Jinke marina knock-off Yaako circusu offer instant gratification. Barring that completely unnecessary remix of a much loved song, Emil does pretty well in his second Kannada outing!

Keywords: Ganesh, Nee Nanna Gellalaare, Jeeva hoovagidhe, Dr. Rajkumar, Jinke marina