Thursday December 11, 2008

New album? Just got it in my phone!

Posted by Karthik

A R Rahman’s new non-film album, ‘Connections’ is due tomorrow (Dec. 12). The ‘what’s new’ section in says so! But the album (with 9 tracks) will not be available in any shop. It’s a Nokia XpressMusic exclusive and CDs will hit the stores later. Now, would you buy a new Nokia phone just to get your hands on this album? What were Nokia and Rahman thinking when they planned this? I’m sure XpressMusic needs all the promotion in the world, but for the fact that a new Nokia phone (even the cheapest one) is not priced like a CD. Nokia did something similar with Rabbi’s album, earlier this year, (Avengi Ja Nahin) for the N Series, where users got the songs on their brand new phones 2 weeks before its launch. For someone on the verge of buying a mobile phone, this is great news (if you’re a fan of Rahman, that is) and tilts the decision completely in favor of Nokia. The rest? Wait two weeks just because we already own a mobile phone? Bah! I pity the record label that owns this album – cracking a DRM-locked mp3 from an Nokia XpressMusic phone is just a Google away!

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