Music review: Pattaalam (Tamil – Jassie Gift)

One-film wonder, composer Jassie Gift has a set of atrocious tunes in Pattaalam. Disayettum is an rash leftover from his sad Malayalam repertoire while Enge pirandhom is just juvenile. The reasonably interesting and tuneful Ennil nooru is the sole savior of the soundtrack but it refuses to get back on track with two horribly amateurish songs – Iskabararara and Panivizhum, both of which are amazingly infuriating. Oru naal uses a stale Baila’ish tune with the only rhythm known to the composer. That Jassie Gift still has composing assignments after some of appalling recent films is nothing short of a phenomenon!

Keywords: Nadiya, Lingusamy, Jassie Gift