Music review: Pandhayam (Tamil, Vijay Antony)

Ammane opens by lifting Diana Haddad’s megahit, Amaneh, but singer Vinitha and the lyricist load the song with extraordinarily vulgar stuff, complete with suggestive moans. Chinna maamiye, sung by Vijay’s mother Shobha, is built like Baila tune, but with disgustingly regressive words! Kaadhal theeviravaadhi is simplistic and bland while Lusimbara is a garbled medley. In Surangani’s remix, the lyrics are funny, but the composer’s updates are plain dumb. Composer Vijay Antony debuted in SA Chandrasekar’s Sukran (remember the delightful Suppose unnai?), but given the director’s crude taste, not to mention the unsuccessful streak, Vijay better look for a new godfather.

Keywords: Nitin Sathya, Nithin Satya, Prakashraj, Sindhu Tolani, Meghna, Vijay Anthony