Music review: Meipporul (Tamil, Rahul, Nanda & Aub Delane)

Aub Delane’s Get away day is non-descript while in Unnai ethirpaarthaen, Kumaran’s poor vocals mar an otherwise interesting tune. Kalyana kaaviyam is reasonably better – simple and frothy melody, delivered well by Prasanna and Rita. Sandhana maram has some awkward lyrics that just doesn’t gel with the tune, even though Srinivas’ vocals stand out. Latha and Rahul Nambiyar’s Meiye meiye is the soundtrack’s highlight with its Harris Jayaraj’ish tune but with mildly excessive and disparate backgrounds and similar rambling lyrics. In Meipporul, Rahul, Nanda and Aub Delane come across as amateurish composers with poor grasp over lyrics and basic composing!

Keywords: Rahul, Nanda, Aub Delane, Krish Bala, Natty Kumar, Narayan Sundararajan, first tamil movie to be shot entirely in the US