Music review: Rasikkum Seemaane (Tamil, Vijay Antony)

Priyan sounds flat and completely unimpressive in Kodi kodi minnalgal – even Vijay Antony’s tune, barring the use of bagpipes is terribly dull. Nachulo nachulo (really, I’m not joking!) is barely listenable – singer Annamalai sleeps through the annoyingly stale tune while the title song goes several steps further in being unimaginative. Naan unnai paartha, thankfully, is decent, with a tune pattern that actually stays after the song is over and some catchy backgrounds, but Poove poove drags the soundtrack down again. Vijay Antony is definitely capable of better stuff, but in Rasikkum Seemaane’s soundtrack, his music is plain atrocious!

Keywords: Vijay Antony, Srikanth, Navya Nair, Rasikkum Seemane, Ettappan