Music review: Baladoor (Telugu, KM Radha Krishna)

Yetu podam cheppamma is functional with excellent vocals by Naveen, albeit a tad monotonous. Karunya’s Andhamaina kalala and Gundelo illindi bring back memories of songs of the 60s/ 70s and are heartwarmingly simple and lilting. Nuvvu konchem is routine but Tippu and Sujatha’s Rangu rangu vaana seems to be made for Ravi Teja – spunky and catchy, in a uniquely Telugu way. Sukhwinder’s Thella cheera OK is plain and mundane, however. KM Radha Krishna does have an impressive track record and a Ravi Teja mass-masala may perhaps not be his forte. But, despite that he does admirably well in Baladoor.

Keywords: Ravi Teja, Anushka, KM Radhakrishna, Karunya