Music review: Mallepuvvu (Telugu, Ilayaraja)

The dulcet title song is a vintage Raja tune combined with palatable orchestration, while Lokam and Hero nenochane are blasts from the past – living way beyond their expiry dates. Gaajula and Chirugali are simplistic and kiddish, and barring that middling rhythm, Suvvi suvvi’s tune and backgrounds are beautiful. Chandamama is more like it – no compromise, tune of yore from Raja, but why is he singing it, with such difficulty? Vasthava naatho is embarrassing and outdated, at the same time. Three good melodies from the Maestro – amidst the other synth nightmare he exposes us to these days, that’s a relief!

Keywords: Bhumika Chawla, Ilayaraja, Murali Krishna, Mallepoovu