Ankith, Pallavi & Friends (Telugu, Vinu Thomas)

With effervescent arrangements and a simple, lovely tune, Premani impresses instantly. The friendship song, Dost, goes one level up – bubbly, catchy and excellent orchestration conjured by the debutant composer. Karthik’s vocals are very apt in the world-has-hope melody track, Leletha puvvele while the techno number Tell me, albeit lyrically interesting, is routine, in terms of tune. The remaining three songs – the mellow Aalagake, the small’ish Neelo mediline and the soft Aaranavvulenduko are just about bearable. Vinu Thomas’ debut is no doubt impressive – the first three songs showcase his confidence in composing and working on zingy arrangements! Welcome Vinu!

Keywords: Hari Yelleti, Nikhil, Megha Burman