Aamir (Hindi, Amit Trivedi)

It may be Murtuza-Qadir…the Rahman-touch, I mean! Amit Trivedi’s opening track, Ha raham is absolutely scintillating. Very Rahman’ish in its approach to the sufi tune, the bang-on arrangements and super singing. Amit gets behind the mike with amazing confidence in Chakkar ghumyo – yet another tune-driven song which wows with its frenzied vocals and mesmerizing folk tune. Haara is almost Moby – very progressive, unconventional arrangements that herald a new trend in Indian film music, and brilliantly sung by Amit! The softer parts in this track contrast amazingly with the more volatile phases. Neuman Pinto’s singing style is equally impressive in Phas gaya, another song that displays Amit’s musical inventiveness with some ground-breaking arrangements. With Ek lau, this album gets a marvelous, mellow drift, with its poignant tune and minimal, ably supporting orchestration and Shilpa Rao’s addictive vocals. The Climax theme is haunting no doubt, but with generous shades of Hans Zimmer’ish, Lisa Gerrard-styled vocals. After some very neat work in Abhijeet Sawant’s Junoon, thoughtful programming for Raman Mahadevan’s Ramanasia and Prashant Tamang’s Deewana, Amit Trivedi proves to be one of the most promising composers in recent times. Aamir is the most innovative soundtrack I’ve heard this year so far!

Keywords: Rajeev Khandelwal, Cavite