De taali (Hindi, Vishal Shekhar)

Both the title songs – Everybody put your hands together and De taali – are overtly catchy, bubblegum pop – the latter with a mild Indian touch. Shreya Ghoshal is scintillating in the techno-heavy melody, Aaj main boond, while Anushka does the honors admirably in the lovely, lilting Hone lagi. Maari teetri, despite Raja Hasan’s vocals and a massy rhythm, is terribly clich├ęd while the very unique Tooti phooti is captivating for the Panchamesque tune and chilled out arrangements. But for their penchant for obviously routine sounds, De taali has some cool and funky tracks in true Vishal Shekhar style!

Keywords: Ritesh Deshmukh, Aftab Shivdasani, Ayesha Takia