Boondh – A Drop of Jal (Jal)

Jal’s latest album is only mildly different from its original Pakistani avatar – the obvious absence of Yeh mera Pakistan and the inclusion of a Hindustan Unilever promoted track. Farhan does seem to struggle a bit with the vocals in Sajni, but the lovely tune and gorgeous guitar backgrounds make up for that. Kwality Walls must be quite happy – they’ve got the best track of the album, Love Sparks Chalte Chalte – lilting and immediately catchy! Raatein and Moray piya, with their now-adored Paki-rock infused formats; Goher’s delightful vocals in the soaked-in-love Humain itna pyaar and Chup chup; Farhan’s considerably-better singing in the slow, ballad’ish Payal are some of the album’s highlights. The Punjabi Main mastt hoon stands out with its varied percussion while the only Farhaan composed track, Kia se kia is a bit too offbeat in its rock approach. Mahia is the only other average track. But, this long overdue album from Jal is a solid piece of work – the tunes are firmly in place and so is the singing, along with their signature guitar. This is the third awesome piece of musical work from our neighbors, in recent times, after Fuzon and Khuda ke liye.

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