Singakkutti (Tamil – Prasanna Shekhar)

Machi suthungada defies Prasanna’s Hindi compositions and is more in the Harris Jeyaraj mode, but with enough rhythm and tune variations to keep us hooked throughout the enjoyable number. Janaki Iyer’s sonorous and pleasant Yenda raatchasaa reiterates the Harris connection. But, unlike Prem Gi. Amaran’s remix in Thozha, Aattamaa Therottamaa’s remix here works only because of the original’s lasting appeal, with Prasanna adding only mandatory DJ’ish intrusions. Chicago chickene is ridiculous – the tune and lyrics, while Thithikkum’s Latin touches and Farhad’s vocals just about saves it. Singakkutti’s mixed bag soundtrack is in line with current trends in Tamil film music.

Keywords: Prasanna Shekar, Sivaji, Singakutti, Captain Prabhakaran, Ilayaraja, Attama therottama