Kangalum Kavi Paaduthey (Tamil – Ilayaraja)

Hey mamu is plain dated, right from the vocalizing, orchestration and that cobweb ridden tune. Maalai nila and Sollumvarai kaadhal, however are Raja’s return to his, melodic roots – despite slightly archaic and formulaic backgrounds, the sheer tunes carry these tracks admirably. And while Naalai inneram and Pottu mela are again ridden with the dated feel as far as their orchestration go, their tunes and overall packaging usher in Raja’s heydays in a nostalgic way, without making us cringe – I really enjoyed the Yuvan plug in the former, in particular! Unpretentious and elegant return to style for the Maestro!

Keywords: KKP, Kangalum kavi paadudhey, paduthey, padudhey, Ilayaraja